7 Steps to Successful "One Stop"

1)  Free Initial Consultation
    A Heritage Home Design representative will come to
    your home and discuss your project in detail.  In
    addition to offering advice and suggestions about how
    to proceed, he will offer some general budget
    parameters to determine if it is worthwhile to move on
    to the next step.

2)  Budget Analysis
    This is the extra step that can save you so much
    money.  A small investment will get you a very precise
    spreadsheet detail that can accurately predict the
    budget for your remodeling project.  This can save you
    thousands of dollars in design costs by establishing
    budget parameters before elaborate construction
    documents are begun.   This spreadsheet also
    becomes a valuable tool in controlling the budget
    during Design Development.

3)  Design Development
    Once budget parameters have been established, our
    design professionals will provide full architectural
    services to create sealed construction documents
    suitable for obtaining permits and providing direction
    for our construction crew.  Design Development
    services will explore your individual needs and usage
    of the space to be remodeled, as well as provide you
    with sufficient elevation and perspective drawings to
    help you visualize how it will look.

4)  Design Resolution
    As the design develops, you will need to make
    numerous decisions regarding specific elements of
    your projects, such as the selections of plumbing or
    light fixtures, or tile.  Using our network of reliable
    vendors, we will connect you with personal contacts
    where you will receive personal service, and be
    offered the widest selection possible.  Our goal will be
    to have all major decisions resolved prior to
    construction so as to minimize the risk for schedule

5)  Construction
    Once the design and resolution are complete, and
    permits are obtained, construction can begin.  You will
    be serviced by one of expert construction crews who
    will not only provide expert craftsmanship, but will
    remember that their construction site is your home,
    and treat it accordingly.  Utmost care will be taken to
    ensure you the least possible inconvenience, and to
    keep the dust and dirt inherent in the remodeling
    business from migrating into your living space.

6)  Completion
    Although this is really part of the construction process,
    it serves well to think of it as a separate step.  The
    bulk of the work is the easy part.  But follow through
    on all of those little final punch list items necessary to
    truly complete the  job is difficult.  We are proud of our
    record in making sure our clients are happy with every
    last detail.

7)  Service
    To us, our relationship with our clients is not over
    when the contract is complete.  We guarantee all
    work, labor and materials, for one year after
    construction.  But our service to the customer lasts far
    beyond that.  We like to maintain our relationships
    with customers by providing maintenance services
    when needed.  We always hope, and are often
    rewarded, by clients calling us back for repeat
    business when they contemplate their next
    remodeling project.
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